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Membership Information

Membership is open to women golfers of all abilities. Our membership year will run from March 1 to February 28 the following year.

For current registered members you will maintain the same I.D. number and password and your membership fee is $75.00 + HST . For new members joining Ladies Links Tour or past members that were not active the previous year, the fee is $85.00+ HST. The following year your fee will be the same as a returning member.

Cancellation of your membership after processing will involve a $15.00 administration fee. No refunds will be processed after 30 days of registration.

Membership registration will end on June 30. You may register on line, by mail or fax and for your convenience pay by Cheque, Money Order, Visa or MasterCard.

If you are having any problems registering contact us by email at info@linkstour.org.

Membership Benefits

Weekly Golf Members may elect to golf at any (or all) of our weekly events each week. As a member of Ladies Links Tour, you receive a special greens fee from the course. Each week after golfing, we host a social hour in the clubhouse, complete with prizes!

Special Events As a member, you are also entitled to register and attend any of our special events, such as golf clinics, tournaments, 'nine and dine' and so on.

New Golf Friends Ladies Links Tour is one of the largest groups in the Metro Toronto area dedicated to friendly golf for women. Many of us start alone, but end up with countless friends who are always ready to play a round!


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